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Giant Monster Jumbo Drag Box

17-Feb-2017 8:56 am

Another highly content customer.

We delivered a Drag Box with trailer for double pipelaying at once.

Depth 4,5 meters

Lenght 6,0 meters

Height 3,0 meters

Width 6,3 meters

Max. 2 Pipes of 2,0 meters diameter.

Successfull Infratech 2017

26-Jan-2017 11:10 am

Infratech 2017 is over.

Smart connecting was the theme of InfraTech 2017, in Rotterdam Ahoy. Prominent stakeholders and innovative organisations from the entire infrastructure sector play prominent roles at this exhibition.

This makes InfraTech the place to meet for clients, contractors and suppliers throughout the entire infrastructure sector.

New Youtube Movie Euro Verbau

11-Jan-2017 12:34 pm

See our new youtube movie!!


What is learned............

20-Dec-2016 9:34 am

What is learned in the cradle, is carried in the thomb.

Picture of the week.......

16-Dec-2016 8:55 am

Picture of the week........

Slide Rail Shoring Systems

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