Trench Box Systems

Economic and safe working with the affordable solution

EURO VERBAU trench boxes are technically tested quality elements for the optimal trench and pipe laying works in depths between 1.25m and 6.0m. The differences in design and construction ensure that the most suitable box is selected and enable effective handling and unmatched economic output. The many compatible parts, like spindles and struts as well as extension bars make the usage even easier and delivery and assembling as quick as with no other box system. Rational thinking and acting are the important arguments for choosing one of our box systems. Used thousand of times on approved construction sites guaranteeing highest utilization and highest flexibility.

The factor of affordability and compatibility gets even bigger because of the use of some parts, which in most cases can be used together with other EURO VERBAU trench shoring systems.

With the EURO VERBAU trench box program a complete range of boxes is offered, which can handle any ground pressure. The Sheet pile box for the usage at many crossings and the drag box for the inexpensive usage in urban areas close the range for more special applications. With only a few parts - panels, spindles, bolts - a variety of economical ways to protect trench excavations against caving in during cable works, pipe laying, manholes etc. in no time are possible.


  • Some systems are shown with Top-Boxes.
  • You can rent these systems.
  • Other dimensions and special constructions are build to the demands of the custmer.
  • Manhole-box is not displayed here.

Mini Box

  Maximum depth   3.00 m
  Maximum pipe diameter   0.96 m
  Panel lenghts   2.00 to 3.00 m

This small steel trench box is especially made for inner city shoring jobs.

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City Box

  Maximum depth   3.70 m
  Maximum pipe diameter   1.33 m
  Panel lenghts   2.00 to 3.50 m

The City Box series have been specially designed and built to meet the criteria of high strength, light weight and maximum versatility.

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  Maximum depth   5.20 m
  Maximum pipe diameter   1.55 m
  Panel lenghts   2.00 to 4.00 m

The Standard Box is the trench box used at more sites in more countries than any other large area steel trench shoring equipment in use today.

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Manhole Box

  Maximum depth   5.20 m
  Maximum pipe diameter   1.55 m
  Panel lenghts   2.00 to 4.00 m

In most cases it is used to create pits.

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Super Box

  Maximum depth   6.00 m
  Maximum pipe diameter   2.50 m
  Panel lenghts   3.15 to 3.50 m

The Super Box is suitable for projects involving depths of up to 19.8' / 6.0m, poor ground conditions and when clearances of up to 8.25'-2.50m are required.

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Drag Box

  Maximum depth   This box is build to
customers specifications.
  Maximum pipe diameter  
  Panel lenghts  

The Drag Box is a custom designed shoring system for special project requirements.

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Sheetpile Frame

  Maximum depth   Depending on soil pressure
and static system
  Panel lenghts   2.00 to 6.50 m

The Piling frame box system is used for reliable guidance of trench sheets or light sheet piles.

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